Why CBD Muscle Balm?

CBD muscle balm is a great product for the active person who wants regular relief from frequently sore muscles. Our CBD muscle balm is made with a variety of ingredients commonly used to soothe aching muscles and contains our impressively high quality full-spectrum CBD. This product is perfect for you if: You are an athlete, lead a physically demanding lifestyle, or experience regular muscle discomfort. CBDfx CBD muscle balm is made with an array of soothing ingredients perfectly suited to help you relax, and help your aching muscles. We have combined ingredients used in old-school home remedies, and put a new-school twist on the whole thing by adding our organic full-spectrum CBD to the mix to create one truly amazing CBD muscle balm!  


We recommend that after a hard day, when your muscles are sore, that you take a small amount of our CBD muscle balm and apply it to the area of discomfort. Wait 30 minutes to see how you feel. Adjust the amount you use based on your experience and personal preference.  

When should I use CBD Muscle Balm?

You can use CBD muscle balm any time you see fit! It is best to use it after a hard workout, long day at the office, or whenever your muscles feel particularly sore or achy. Just apply a small amount of CBDfx CBD muscle balm to the area of discomfort and let the powerful ingredients work their magic!
Pack Size

2 oz – 150 mg, 5/ 0.5 oz – 50 mg


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