CBDfx Pet MCT Oil

CBDfx Pet MCT Oil is made especially for your furry friends! This dog-friendly tincture is full of organic, full-spectrum CBD in a nutrient-rich, easy-to-use formula. The Pet Tincture is made using CO2 extraction, which maintains all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and amino acids that are naturally occurring in the hemp plant. Just place a drop under your pup’s tongue or mix it with their food, and they’ll soon be enjoying the benefits of high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil!


The pet CBD oil comes in 3 different concentrations for different sized pups – 150MG, 300MG & 600MG. There are several different ways to administer pet CBD oil, whether you choose to give it to them directly from the dropper or add it to their favorite food is entirely up to you. CBDfx offers the three varieties with size in mind — for small, medium, and large pups.

About CBD for Pets

Most people don’t realize that the same Cannabidiol that has proven helpful to humans is just as effective for animals. In fact, every single mammal on the planet has a built-in Endocannabinoid system! Since most of us love our fur babies more than our natural offspring, we want to give them the best. When the CBD attaches to receptors in almost every system in the body, human or mammal, the effects are generally the same. What can help you with anxiety or pain management is just as effective in your four-legged friends. CBDfx Pet MCT Oil is a natural supplement with simple ingredients. It has ingredients that are completely safe for your beloved animals. Customers have been using these products to help bring relief to animals suffering from pain, anxiety, and a wide variety of other conditions. Cannabis products have been added to animal foods for centuries. Even today, farmers use hemp products in their feed all the time, just not in a concentrated form. Veterinarians are recommending these same products to their patients and CBDfx is proud to offer our high-quality pet CBD tinctures.
MG Strength

150mg, 300mg, 600mg

Pack Size

30 ml


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